Since its inception Cradle has supplied over 1000 tons of aid for children in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania and Moldova.

In co-operation with the EU rebuilt a school for 700 children in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Rebuilt and equipped a maternity unit at the main hospital in Shkodra, northern Albania which included providing incubators to the hospital. Built nine houses for homeless families in the town of Shkodra in Albania sponsored by Mr Vince Power formerly the Mean Fiddler Music Group. Rebuilt a dormitory for 190 girls between 15 and 18 years of age, in Shkodra, northern Albania.
Before Cradle took on this project, the EU monitors described it as one of the worst examples of living conditions they had seen in Europe. This project was financed by the Irish Government. Cradle has built two new schools in the Phang-nga province in the post-tsunami Thailand: Ban Bang Muang and Pakklong schools catering for 130 children each. Also we have rebuilt and supported Thahan, Kapong, Ban Pak Weep and Ban Bang Thong schools, collectively catering for over a thousand children.


Set up a new emergency ambulance service in the Shkodra region of northern Albania. Rebuilt and equipped a maternity unit at the main hospital in Shkodra, northern Albania which included providing incubators to the hospital. Cradle has set up and conducted the Medivac Project, transporting young children and adults to Ireland and UK for urgent, lifesaving treatment.
Cradle has supported the local hospital in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina with hygiene products, food and medical aid.

This is a rehabilitation project providing assistance to families on a monthly basis in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It began in 1998 for families that received no aid from any other source. Most of these families are displaced and have been forced to share accommodation with other families where they all share basic amenities designed for just one family. There will be no employment for them until the political and economic situation settles. Their living conditions are extremely uncomfortable.
In response to the Tsunami disaster, Cradle decided to bring our well established projects to the areas affected most in Southeast Asia. We have established an office in the Province of Phang-Nga north of Phuket in Thailand, where we have local representatives working to implement our emergency aid programs. We have established our family support program which provides aid to the worst affected families on a regular basis. As a result of the tsunami disaster many children lost one or both of their parents as well as losing their homes and other family members. Cradle has been supporting such families on a weekly basis since January 2005. This support includes food, hygiene products, household items, school materials and other items which may be required by each individual child.
Resourcing: Cradle provides livestock to families on our family support programme which enables them to product milk, butter, cheese, eggs etc. and thereby become more self-sufficient.

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