Projects in Ireland

Some of our Projects in Ireland:

  • Multicultural Resource Centre: On returning from outreach work in the Balkans to Ireland, it became increasingly clear to Cradle's project staff that there is a huge need for after care for migrant groups in Dublin. Cradle’s extensive experience in working with refugees has enabled them to fully understand and appreciate the plight of individuals and families in their attempts to resettle in a new country and establish a new life. This close association with communities has also highlighted the importance of community development, capacity building and direct service delivery when assisting individuals and communities to re-establish their lives. Through fund raising activities in Ireland, Cradle has had the opportunity to work directly with the refugee community here who in turn have become volunteers with Cradle. They have also been a source of information and advice on cross-cultural issues to Cradle when the organisation is working in their country of origin.
  • In March 2000, Cradle employed a Development Officer to begin looking at the establishment of a multicultural Resource Centre for Dublin. The focus of the work to date has been:
    1. Establishing links with Irish non-government agencies and with refugee and asylum seeker groups in Dublin to ascertain their needs.
    2. Collecting as much information as possible on the functions of other agencies in Dublin in this area.
    3. Becoming fully acquainted with the process of settlement of asylum seekers/ refugees in Ireland.
  • Set up and conducted School Cultural Awareness Programme (School CAP). This main aim of this Project was to inform primary school children in Ireland about different cultures and people living in contemporary Ireland, in order to promote antiracism and multiculturalism. We had a group of entertainers visiting schools around the country talking to school children about important issues in a fun and accessible way.
  • Shoe Box Appeal: In November 1999 Cradle held the Christmas Shoebox Appeal for food and special gifts for children in the Balkans. This is an annual event organised by Cradle and the proceeds were delivered to Albania before Christmas 1999. After this year, Cradle has been delivering Shoe boxes to children in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina every year. Since the economic crisis in Ireland and during the recent times of austerity, Cradle is continues their Shoe Box Appeal, delivering the gifts to underprivileged children in Ireland.

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