Projects international


  • Supplied over 2000 tons of aid for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Moldova.
  • Medivac Programme - this programme is responsible for the transport of children and adults to Ireland for urgent lifesaving medical treatment.
  • In co-operation with the EU rebuilt a school for 700 children in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Set up a new emergency ambulance service in the Shkodra region of northern Albania
  • Rebuilt and equipped a maternity unit at the main hospital in Shkodra, northern Albania which included providing incubators to the hospital.
  • Built ten houses for homeless families in the town of Shkodra in Albania. 
  • Rebuilt a dormitory for 190 girls between 15 and 18 years of age, in Shkodra, northern Albania. Before Cradle took on this project, the EU monitors described it as one of the worst examples of living conditions they had seen in Europe.
  • In response to the Tsunami disaster, Cradle have decided to bring our well established projects to the areas affected most in Southeast Asia. Cradle has established an office in the Province of Phang-Nga north of Phuket in Thailand, where we have local representatives working to implement Cradle’s emergency aid programmes. We have established our family support programme which provides aid to selected families on a regular basis.
  • The Children’s Violin Project:This project began in 1996 to help ten severely traumatised children work through their feelings through music. The school has now expanded to cater for over 50 children. They perform every year in front of a live audience in the local music centre and some of the children have even achieved high enough standards to go on to attend music school.
  • Medical Programme:This programme provides medical assistance to children in the Mostar region. Cradle have been supplying 100’s of tons of aid to hospitals in Mostar which has been generously donated to us by hospital and health centres in both the UK and Ireland.
  • The Art workshop: This workshop was set up to bring children from all ethnic groups throughout the city together and to teach them basic art elements, to free their imagination and to teach them how to be spontaneous and express their feelings through art.
  • The project caters for a group of students between the ages of 4 to 14 years and s held outside of school hours.
  • Additional to the Art Workshop, Cradle also holds an Open Art Workshop in the summer months. This project is particularly important for those children whose parents cannot afford to pay for other extracurricular activities, it takes children off the streets and enables them to spend time in a safe and friendly environment where they have the freedom to create, relax, play and learn.
  • Built two new schools in the Phang-nga province in Thailand: Ban Bang Muang and Pakklong schools catering for 130 a nd 190 children respectively. Also we have rebuilt and supported Thahan, Kapong, Ban Pak Weep and Ban Bang Thong schools.
  • Re-established a handball Club Lokomotiva in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Lokomotiva Handball club is not only a sports club for girls but it is a vital tool for community development and social inclusion in an otherwise divided city. Handball being a team game, is crucially important for promoting equality and mutual respect for all nationalities and minority ethnic groups.
  • They are bringing children from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds together through sport. The Clubhouse was flattened during the war and after the war the parents rebuilt it as best they could with the little money they had. Cradle are now financing the completion of the build by adding a second level to the building. The local contractor was given a task of building the shell and finishing the exterior. In mid September 2012 a team of volunteers traveled to Mostar for two weeks and finished off the interior of the building. New ceilings, floors, rooms, bathrooms, electrics, heating and plumbing were built by Cradle’s volunteers. The facility will be used as an accommodation area to host visiting teams that come to Mostar to play Lokomotiva. They can also hire out this facility to other clubs in the area thus creating an income for the club and making it self-sufficient for years to come.
  • School Support in Nepal: We are currently doing fundraising and with planning of the supporting of the Leptung School (situated in the Dholaka district) for 306 kids. The school is situated in the remote Sherpa community and was devastated in the earthquake in 2015.

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